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Game NFTs are unique digital assets in the virtual world, such as characters or items, that players can buy, sell, and collect, adding value and exclusivity to the gaming experience.



NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for art are unique digital or physical art representations in the virtual world. They certify the authenticity and exclusive ownership of the artwork, enabling artists to sell and collectors to buy one-of-a-kind digital art piec



NFT memes are digital tokens representing internet memes. They provide a way to claim ownership and uniqueness of a particular meme, although the concept is controversial since memes are typically shared freely and have a culture of collective creativity.


Pixel art

Pixel art NFTs are non-fungible tokens representing pixelated digital artworks. These unique tokens certify ownership and authenticity of pixel art pieces in the virtual world. They've gained popularity as collectors and artists engage in this digital art

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